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California Short-term Disability Lawyers

San Francisco Short-term Disability Law Firm

If you have been injured or become ill and anticipate being unable to work for a period of weeks or months, you may need to file a short-term disability (STD) insurance claim. This type of coverage is provided by many employers as part of their benefits packages, and some professionals, executives, business owners and others purchase it independently.

The purpose of STD coverage is to replace a substantial percentage of your salary or wages for a strictly limited time, typically until you return to work or your condition evolves into a long-term disability. A wrongful denial of STD benefits can be devastating when it:

  • Leaves you without any regular income to support yourself through the duration of your illness or injury
  • Goes unchallenged and sets a precedent that may be used against you should you need to apply for long-term disability coverage for the same or a related condition

Taking Action for Victims of Wrongful STD Claim Denials

Our San Francisco short-term disability attorneys are familiar with the vast range of reasons, technicalities and methods used by insurers to avoid paying the benefits their policies promise. We are committed to thoroughly analyzing your STD policy — including specific language cited in your claim denial — as well as your medical records, to determine whether you have legal recourse and the next steps available for pursuing a just outcome.

We help people throughout California who are harmed by unfair insurance company practices including wrongful claim denials. Our lawyers are experienced in appeals, negotiations and litigation over both individual policies and employer-provided plans governed by the federal law ERISA.

Turn to a Lawyer With the Knowledge to Hold Insurers Accountable

Fast action to appeal a claim denial or take action against an insurance company can be critical. For personal attention to your specific situation and caring guidance focused on helping you get the short-term disability benefits you deserve, contact our firm today to schedule a free case evaluation.

Ray And Susan Testimonial- San Francisco Attorney

http://www.pillsburylevinson.com/ 415-433-8000 Pillsbury Levinson & Coleman, LLP, clients Ray and Susan discuss how the firm assisted them in their long-term disability insurance claim.

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