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Long-term care insurance began to rise in popularity in the 1980s, in part as a response to more people living longer and requiring costly services such as nursing home care, assisted living and in-home care. Long-term care policies are marketed to people who want to protect their assets if they become incapacitated, given that paying for these levels of care can quickly exhaust retirement savings and other financial resources.

Tragically for many people who believe they have reliable long-term care insurance coverage, often after paying high premiums for many years, companies that provide "LTC" coverage often deny claims and otherwise fail to live up to their obligations to their insureds. As with other types of unfair insurance practices, the victims in these cases are often people who have very limited capacity to fight back effectively.

Is Your LTC Insurance Carrier Trying to Avoid Paying Your Claim?

Some of the many tactics used by long-term care insurance companies to deny and "stonewall" valid claims include:

  • Citing highly specific, often obscure and ambiguous language that limits the conditions enabling payment of benefits
  • Obtaining biased opinions from so-called independent medical examiners (IMEs) in order to dispute the covered parties' need for full-time care and other services
  • Confronting policyholders with extensive administrative requirements and technical hurdles with the intent that they will ultimately abandon their claims or die before they can collect benefits

Turn to Our Results-Driven Insurance Lawyers for Counsel and Action

Our Bay Area law firm is exclusively focused on representing policyholders treated unfairly by insurance companies. We have won multimillion-dollar settlements in many cases and helped thousands benefit from the coverage they paid for and depended upon.

If you have run into a problem with your long-term care insurance coverage anywhere in California, the time to get skilled counsel is now. Our San Francisco long-term care lawyers will provide a free case evaluation focused on your legal rights and options in this difficult time.

Ray And Susan Testimonial- San Francisco Attorney

http://www.pillsburylevinson.com/ 415-433-8000 Pillsbury Levinson & Coleman, LLP, clients Ray and Susan discuss how the firm assisted them in their long-term disability insurance claim.

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