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Disability Lawyers California

If you have suffered a disabling injury or developed a disease that impairs your ability to work, one of few sources of comfort may be the financial support you expect from your disability insurance coverage. That expectation may be totally valid, and yet you may be facing an unfair claim denial or harassment at the hands of an insurance company determined to avoid paying you the benefits you deserve.

You are not alone. At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, we know that a disability claim in California, denial or delay, is a devastating setback for anyone unable to work and already intensely concerned about finances and the future. Our accomplished San Francisco disability claims attorneys will evaluate your rights and legal options based on applicable laws and the specifics of your case.

Disability Attorneys in California

Our law firm's entire focus is on representation of policyholders in disputes with insurance companies. Over the past 30-plus years, our attorneys have built an outstanding track record of winning benefits for people engaged in disputes over group and individual long-term disability (LTD), short-term disability (STD), life insurance, long-term care insurance and many other types of coverage.

Our experience extends across the spectrum of disabling conditions and strategies used by disability insurance companies to deny valid claims and avoid paying benefits. The best approach to your case will depend on many factors, such as whether your policy and plan are governed by the federal law known as ERISA or by state law. You can count on us to ask the right questions, find answers, and work relentlessly for you if you have a valid cause of action.

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We will welcome your call from anywhere in California and provide a free case evaluation, whether you have received a claim denial, believe the insurance company is building a case to end your benefits, or need counsel early in the process to increase your chances of success.

Ray And Susan Testimonial- San Francisco Attorney

http://www.pillsburylevinson.com/ 415-433-8000 Pillsbury Levinson & Coleman, LLP, clients Ray and Susan discuss how the firm assisted them in their long-term disability insurance claim.

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